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Piaggio Beverly Sport Touring 350, 2012

  • Piaggio Beverly Sport Touring 350, 2012

The range of the Piaggio high wheel best-seller is now enhanced with a new sport model: introducing Beverly Sport Touring.
The 350 engine is new - as compact as a 300 cc but with the performance of a 400 - 150/70 rear tyre and a new look, rich in brushed details, for an evolution of the species which extends the class and elegance of Beverly to the sport class.
The new Beverly Sport Touring is the first scooter to be equipped with ABS/ASR in order to take maximum advantage of performance without ever sacrificing complete safety.

The high wheel best seller from Piaggio, with more than 300,000 vehicles sold, has been the undisputed market leader from ten years, extends its inimitable features of urban commuter into a sports theme, mixing performance, comfort and riding pleasure into a unique model.

Introducing Beverly Sport Touring, a version which is attractive, gritty and at the same time elegant, where all of the experience and state of the art scooter technology of the Piaggio Group is concentrated in terms of safety, performance and reliability.
Beverly SportT ouring is the first model from Piaggio equipped with the brand new 350 engine, a product made to obtain the maximum power of a 400, but with a size, emissions levels and management costs comparable to those of a 300 cc.

The new Sport Touring has a combined braking system or, the first scooter in the world, a built in ABS system with ASR traction control for maximum safety even in emergency and poor grip conditions.
To handle its enhanced performance, the new Sport Touring mounts a larger 150/70 rear tyre in order to guarantee the maximum in terms of stability and road holding.

Model Highlights

A new engine: minimum space, maximum performance.
On the Beverly Sport Touring the brand new single cylinder 350, 4 stroke, 4 valve, electronic injection and water cooled engine makes its debut - state of the art Piaggio Group technology in scooter engines.

The engine designed to provide performance comparable to a 400 cc engine, but with compact dimensions and reduced weight in line with a 300 cc engine.
The new thermal group was specifically studied to optimize fluid dynamics, by adopting solutions which allow performance to be enhanced, increasing fuel economy at the same time. The new design also contributes to a significant reduction in emissions.

The stroke and bore values (69 mm x 78 mm) were selected to guarantee improved output at intermediate RPMs and with partial loads as well as greater operational flexibility.
The new 350 engine was conceived with a dry crankcase lubrication system with reed valve, which allows a reduction of both power losses due to flutter, and volume of the oil sump and the engine size.
Particular attention was given to reducing internal friction during design of the new engine: the timing rockers now have rollers, to the advantage of noise reduction and mechanical efficiency.

On the transmission front there are also new improvements, characterized by a new, multi-disc automatic clutch in oil bath, which ensures improved and more consistent output over time, even in conditions of high thermal stress. A special automatic lubrication system guarantees constant cooling of the system in any operating conditions.

These technical solutions, together with a new CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) developed ad hoc for this engine, provided savings in terms of weight of about 10 kg compared to a 400.
The performance, comparable to that of a 400, - with maximum power of 24.5 kW (33.3 HP) at 8,250 rpm and maximum torque of 32.2 Nm (3.3 kgm) at 6,250 rpm - place the new Beverly Sport Touring at the top of its category.

Minimum size and maximum performance, for greater savings: thanks to the new engine, the management costs of the Beverly Sport Touring are kept at the same level as a 300 scooter, while offering a reduction of maintenance expenses. In fact, service is scheduled at intervals of 20,000 km, with an oil change at an intermediate 10,000 km only.

Fuel economy information is also excellent: thanks to the new engine, Beverly Sport Touring gets an average distance* of more than 30km/l, for an overall range grater than 330km. WMTC 3.1 cycle

Chassis architecture: motorcycle efficiency with the comfort of a scooter.
The brilliant engine performance is enhanced by an original and extremely efficient chassis, a point of excellence for all of the Beverly models from the beginning. Once again, the new Beverly Sport Touring's technology provides agility, efficiency and riding pleasure at the highest levels.

The double-cradle frame in high-strength steel and pressed sheet metal sports a conventional fork with 35 mm stanchions up front, while rear suspension is handled by a pair of double-acting helical-spring shock absorbers with adjustable spring preload offering 4 different positions, ensuring optimal absorption of road bumps while delivering a neutral response and accurate handling.

While maintaining the great agility and handling of an urban commuter, the new Beverly Sport Touring ensures top-of-the-class road holding, thanks in part to the large wheels with double 5-spoke light alloy rims (16" x 3.00" up front and 14" x 3.50" at the rear) and large tyres (110/70 and 150/70 respectively).

Combined braking, ABS and ASR: powerful and safe in any situation.
In terms of active safety, the new Beverly Sport Touring does not shy away from confrontation, thanks to its powerful braking system, at the top of its category. The front brake sports a large 300 mm semi-floating disc, where a 3-piston floating calliper operates, while a 240 mm disc is mounted at the rear. The two discs operate in synergy, thanks to the combined braking system (for the version without ABS only): acting on the right lever the two side pistons up front are activated, while the left lever operates both the third piston up front and the rear brake. A distribution valve operates in series with the left lever, calibrating the front brake pressure based on the rear pressure in order to prevent lightening of the rear wheel and to keep the vehicle balance neutral.

The new Beverly Sport Touring is the first scooter on the market which can be equipped with the ABS/ASR package for optimum vehicle management even in the most delicate situations, such as in the event of a sudden loss of grip in emergency acceleration or braking.

Both the wheels are equipped with a tone wheel and a sensor for instantaneous detection of rotation speed. The sensors are connected to a two channel hydraulic control unit which, through servo valves regulates the pressure to the braking system, activating the ABS at the moment in which the wheel tends to lock up.

The final result is total and constant grip for the tyres, with a consequent decrease in the braking distance.
The ASR feature, combined with the ABS system, represents a further step forward in terms of active safety.
Thanks to the ASR, output power is automatically reduced when the sensors detect imminent skidding of the rear wheel. This measure contributes to preventing loss of control, on bumpy or low grip surfaces.

The ASR can be easily disabled using the dedicated control on the handlebar so that, in any case, the rider is always able to get clear even in particular conditions (i.e.: starts on uphill slopes, on dirt roads, etc.). Engagement and disabling are indicated by an indicator light on the instrument panel.

Style: gritty and elegant, in true Made in Italy spirit.
The decisive and elegant style of the new Beverly Sport Touring stems from a careful and harmonious evolution of the distinctive styling of the Beverly family, searching for a subtle balance between the refined simplicity, so typical of all the best Made in Italy products and the numerous new details with a sport flavour.

Even at first glance, the Beverly Sport Touring stands out with its smoked windshield which, besides emphasising its sport spirit, improves aerodynamic protection for the rider.

Instead of the chromium finishings, there are matte and brushed details - such as the front "moulding" - which, enhancing the complex surfaces, gives the new Sport Touring a more decisive, sport and elegant character, all at the same time.

The exhaust is also new, standing out because of the two ribs on the heat shield and the exclusive grey/flat black colouring, as well as the doubled 5-spoke wheel rims which were chosen in glossy black.

The touring spirit of this new Beverly comes out in the numerous details, designed to provide a riding experience characterised by maximum comfort, from the saddle which has two-level seating, separate for rider and passenger - a distinctive element of this model from the beginning - which is available on the Sport Touring in two colours, black and red (to match the interior finishing) and made precious by the exclusive relief stitching, ideally reminiscent of the most beautiful sports car interiors.

The new Sport Touring shares the spacious helmet compartment with the entire Beverly range: illuminated by a courtesy light, it is one of the largest in the category and can hold two full jet or one flip up helmet, in addition to documents, for which a dedicated space is provided.
Load capacity is complemented by the practical luggage rack, with integrated passenger grab handles, the match coloured glove box incorporated in the leg shield back plate and the retractable bag hook.

The unique look of the new Beverly Sport Touring is completed by an exclusive range of colour combinations and interior matches selected to enhance shapes and the sport character of the scooter: matched with the new Argento Cometa, a matte colour which enhances the shapes and surfaces even more, and the Nero Cosmo, the more "aggressive" livery, are the interiors, red embossing and saddle, which for the more classic Blu Midnight, Rosso Antares and Bianco Luna, are instead of black.

International Specifications
  • Engine Piaggio single-cylinder 4-stroke
  • Engine capacity 330 cc
  • Bore x stroke 78 mm / 69 mm
  • Power 24.5 kW at 8,250 rpm
  • Torque 32.3 Nm at 6,250 rpm
  • Valve timing system Single overhead camshaft (SOHC) - 4 valves
  • Fuel system: Electronic injection
  • Cooling Liquid
  • Lubrication Dry sump
  • Transmission CVT with torque server
  • Clutch Muti-disc centrifuge in oil bath
  • Frame Double cradle in high strength tubular steel
  • Front Suspension Telescopic hydraulic fork with 35-mm stanchions - wheel travel 90 mm
  • Rear suspension Double, dual action hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable preload with 4 settings - wheel travel 81 mm
  • Front brake 300 mm diam. disc with three piston floating calliper
  • Rear brake 240 mm diam. disc with dual piston floating calliper
  • Braking management system ABS and ASR
  • Front wheel rim Aluminium alloy 16" x 3.00
  • Rear wheel rim Aluminium alloy 14" x 3.50
  • Front tyre Tubeless 110/70 - 16"
  • Rear tyre Tubeless 150/70 - 14"
  • Length/Width 2,215 mm / 760 mm
  • Wheelbase 1,560 mm
  • Seat height 795 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity 13 litres
  • Kerb weight 177 Kg
  • WMTC cycle average distance 30.5 km/l
  • Emissions compliance EURO 3


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